Monday, August 27, 2012

September Project

It has been busy in the Batcave for the remainder of the summer.  What have we been up to? That is a very good question.  To sum it up, we took a trip to the beach, did some mild spring cleaning, our little Reese got herself "fixed" so she won't have any Reese's Pieces, and Batman is getting ready for a new school year..this time with Kindergartners!

At the Beach with Batman
Reese with her Party Collar
Remember that feeling for the first day of school we had when we were growing up? I miss that feeling..some of them at least.  I also miss the feeling of waking up and seeing that it was a snow day!  I felt bad for Batman and then I got over it!  He was lucky enough to have the whole summer off while I woke up and drove my hour commute to work. I won't lie, at first I thought I would hate it but it was convenient being able to e-mail/text him with "Hey can you pick this up for me?" or "Can you vacuum the living room?"  Then I think about how lucky he is to have a summer off! Yes, teachers work very hard and the poor boy taught first grade without air conditioning in the humid Maryland weather, but months of vacation time must be nice!

The end of his summer was filled with lesson-planning and setting up his classroom.  I was put to work to set up some of his posters for around the room and I took my time making it perfect!

I think my new thing is to work on a project a month and my next project should be the office.  This might motivate me to get a little motivated to finish a room for once. So, my inspiration...

We took a trip to our Ikea last night to get the Billy and Benno shelves and of course, they are out of stock on the Benno shelves.  They said they wouldn't be getting them anytime soon but the store an hour and a half away has them.  So what do I do? Wait it out and hope they get them? Make the trip to the other store and hope that 2 fit in my car? Order them online and pay the whopping $40 for shipping? I'm so torn!
Source - this one I found on Pinterest and I can't seem to access from the link.
When I lived with my parents my room was red and black with a pale yellow wall so I have lots of decor already.  This time I'm thinking about making the whole room monochromatic and having red accents.  My latest dilemma is how dark to go with the grey wall.  My furniture is black-brown so I don't want it to be too dark of a room but some of the darker grey's are just so intense, I love them.  What do you think?

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