Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Decor

Our Family Christmas Photo
Even though its almost February I couldn't forget about our first Christmas not only in our house but married.  What an expensive holiday, decorations are not cheap! Several Joann's coupons later, I finally had the house looking somewhat how I wanted.

We opted for a fake Christmas tree just in case the pup would be too curious with a real one.  This was probably our safest bet for her being under 1 with a love of sticks.  We had to block off the sides of the tree because Reese was running along it looking out the window, knocking ornaments off on her way.

Very proud of her tree
We didn't have many options for hanging our stockings so we hung them from the railing.  

Kitchen Table Centerpiece
Kitchen Chalkboard

My garland was nowhere near as elaborate as I wanted.  I had big shoes to fill because my mom is pretty amazing at decorating her house.  Here is her garland for the entryway from the living room to the dining room.

I had high hopes of copying this but she's a pro at this.
Reese opens her own presents
Speaking of presents, Santa was really good to me this year..he's a good guy.  Batman got me exactly what I wanted, an iPad!  I have been glued to the thing.  My parents also gave us some refinished pieces that fit in perfectly.  One being this bench my mom reupholstered and painted.  I love the fabric we picked out, mostly my mom picked it out because I could not decide which room deserved it the most.  We found the bench at a yard sale over the summer.  The other piece is also amazing but you will have to wait to see that one.
Well, thats a glimpse of the Batcave this past Christmas.
I promise next year I'll get to this before Christmas.

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