Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pieces of Reese

A week after I married Batman, the silence in our house ended forever...we had a puppy!

I was hunting and hunting.  Did I mention I was hunting? I knew exactly what I wanted.  My childhood dogs were both rescues and that was my number 1 requirement for our pending puppy.  We were so lucky with the amazing dogs we rescued that I knew I had to rescue my own.

Sophi: My 2nd childhood dog
I couldn't leave out my Sophi dog.  She is the main reason I was in a rush to adopt.  I missed her so much when I moved out that I needed a dog of my own.  Unfortunately, all pictures of Corky (my first dog) were before digital cameras were a common household product.  That makes me sound old but in my days, high school students didn't have their own laptop and camera (not in my circle of friends anyway).  Corky was still one of my loves though...I still miss her.

Batman had two beagles as a child and was pretty partial to them.  We hadn't zoned in on a specific breed but we had some preferences.  I was leaning towards the lab side for my dog type.  This might sound really picky but I really wanted a short-haired dog.  The thought of my dog getting her hair did lost its appeal when my brain did the math of how much it is to have a dog in the first place.  We didn't want too big of a dog (we live in a townhouse and wanted to start out medium).  I looked on the internet and found a rescue company that I really liked.  They had several puppies in need of a home and I found a litter that looked exactly like what we wanted!

I convinced Batman to take an hour long road trip to meet the puppies.  He finally agreed but said we were just going to "look."  Silly boy..he should have known better!

We got there and fell in love with this little puppy
9 weeks old- Adoption Day
Talk about a chunky monkey right?!? When rescuing you never really know what you're getting but they said she was a beagle lab mix.  We say...she's a keeper!

4 months
Its hard to believe our little bat-dog has gotten so big in the past few months!

Her name? Reese! She's just the right color and happens to be my favorite candy!  She was almost named Rogue but surprisingly many people didn't know that X-Men character.  I liked Rogue because Roguey-Perogie would have been a pretty fun nickname.

Batman has never had a puppy before so boy was he in for a treat.  Training a puppy is a lot of work but she's finally getting there.  My girl can give high fives and she's just 5 months!

I could go on and on about this little nugget but I'll save it for another time.

So, what do you guys think she is? Those ears scream beagle right?

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