Thursday, July 26, 2012

About Me

Ok, ok..I'm not really batman's wife but sometimes it feels like it! I'm married to a HUGE comic book movie fan.  I knew he was a nerd way before I married him but I was in for the real shocker when we moved into our house this past February.  I'm now the proud co-owner of boxes of comics. Huge boxes.  Boxes I can't even pick up! Oh well..its not too could be worse right? I could have uncovered something really freaky, like if he collected mangled doll heads or something...not that thats bad or anything.

Anyway...who am I right? I'm a newly married girl, living in a newly purchased house, with a new puppy.  Just like everyone else out there, I'm trying the whole DIY aspect to living.  Me in a nutshell? I went to school for art (kinda but basically the same thing).  This makes me want to get extra creative and even convince Batman to paint a room!

Before being a home owner I would quickly duck out of the room when helping around the house was mentioned.  My Dad was a construction guy so I grew up with sawhorses and sawdust in my yard/house.  Now that I have a house, and Pinterest, I just want to do so much!

I might as well mention that my mom spoiled me with great cooking growing up.  In the cooking department it has been a struggle but I'm actually pretty good! I just tooted my own horn.  I really just like sweets though.  Offer me a cheesecake and a cheesesteak at the same time and the cheesecake would win.  Baking is more of an interest than dinner...the hubby hasn't complained yet.

Here's to my secret life as Batman's Wife!

And there's my puppy! More to come on her later...

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