Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gallery Wall

The last time I showed you my office was not only months ago (and last year!) but it had a big blank wall.  I finally took care of this problem, it only took me forever.

The blank wall on the right
Playing around with the layout on the floor
It really wasn't as difficult as I make it sound.  I wanted all of the photographs to be in black and white and all frames to be black and varying sizes.  It took me a while to acquire all of the frames I wanted and figure out which pictures to use.  I ended up going with most of our wedding pictures but in my opinion they're the most expensive pictures I will ever pay for so they better be everywhere!  For a while I had all of my frames up with the stock images in them, this was kind of funny for when we had guests over.

Somewhere in my Pinterest travels I saw someone use toothpaste to hang pictures and this is the best method ever.  If I only remembered where I saw this I could give that person the credit but let me tell you how great this is.  So many times I'm stuck measuring and making a hole and find out I was off by just a tiny bit.  This way, you put a dab of toothpaste on the hook for where the nail goes on the back of the frame.  Then, you place it against the wall where you would like it, leaving a dollop of toothpaste where your nail needs to be.  This takes out all of the guesswork.  I will never measure again!  Some frames required two nails and in this case I did the same thing for both hooks and then used a level, this way I knew the distance between the nails.

So here it is..

Have to have my city scenes of Baltimore and Central Park

The office is finally getting there!

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