Saturday, September 29, 2012

Today is the Day!

Last night, not only did I catch up on my DVRed shows but I cleared out the office so I can paint it today.  I should really thank all of those expensive movie channels I pay for, if it wasn't for them not adding any new movies I would have probably put this project off again. So, thank you!

I haven't even made the trip to Home Depot yet but seeing all of my things in the hallway and this empty room are motivation enough! I haven't fully decided on my color yet, I'm hoping I will fall in love with something when I get there.

So here I am, in my empty office scoping my Pinterest "Office" board for some final inspiration while listening to Third Eye Blind.  I know that once its painted I will want to go on a shopping spree but I'll have to fight the decorating urges.  We bought bookshelves from Ikea months ago and they've been sitting in our room, still in the box, ever since.  To defend myself, they were out of the other 2 shelves I want so I'm still waiting for them to get them in.  It also helped us keep Reese from army crawling under our bed after she got "fixed."

Wish me luck! To be continued...

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