Monday, July 30, 2012

Tour of the Batcave

It is so exciting when you buy your first house.  Actually, I'm sure its exciting every time.  Then you realize all of the bad things.  Packing, its never-ending and so hard to stay organized instead of just throwing everything into a box. Unpacking, its great having help but they end up putting things places where you will never find them again and ask you questions the whole time, I have yet to find my pasta strainer and I'm Italian..I need it!  Then, when you're all settled in, you want everything to look perfect. Perfect doesn't come right away.

Our House!

I had tons of dorm room quality things that I had acquired through my college years.  Most of those things weren't worthy of keeping.  We had to buy so much and ended up getting some just for now furniture.

Our house was vacant when we first looked at it.  We had to envision everything with our belongings and its really hard to imagine furniture that you don't own yet.  Considering that we had to start from scratch, we've come a long way!  Let me show you what we fell in love with...

Living Room
Our living room was so hard to figure out!  We only have 1.5 useable walls for furniture.  Its a really big room but its long and narrow.  More to come on that later.  How about those curtains...eek.

Our deck is pretty big and I love our patio below with the swing.  We now have patio furniture and a grill!  We also have a shed which has electricity, crazy right?

The Basement
The Batcave!  This is where the football games will be watched.  I don't have any say on this room so this will be interesting.  It will probably be sports memorabilia on all walls.

Main floor bathroom
This bathroom isn't terrible but I am not a fan of pink.  This was the first room painted and I love it!  I'd show you but I'm still on the hunt for accent pieces.  I hope to show you soon!

Our kitchen, pretty self explanatory.  Nothing amazing but more than we're used to.  The house we lived in while we were in college didn't have a dishwasher so we are so happy to have one! We also didn't have AC so this is like posh living.

Master Bathroom
The bathroom is pretty small.  It has a tub to the right but as of now, this room needs some beautify-ing.

The Office

Master Bedroom Vanity
I love having this in our house! At one point Batman asked me what we would store there.  Isn't he cute for thinking we would put things there? Allll mine!

Guest Bedroom
These next few pictures have some furniture in them.  The earlier pictures were from the appraisal and didn't have these full rooms.  This is our guest room.  All it has now is a bed and things that need to be unpacked.

Master Bedroom
Our room is really big for a townhouse.  I love it! The curtains have been changed and some updates have been accomplished.  The comforter is from Macy's by Martha Stewart.  It was a black friday purchase that I got for more than half off.  The curtains were included as well but I'm not the biggest fan.  The sheets that were included are so thin that when I pulled them up, my thumb went through.  I'd recommend the comforter but if I didn't get this for so cheap I would be so upset with the quality of the sheets.  I can give you a glimpse soon but keep in mind that this is our room, I want it to be perfect so that means I will really have to map out what I want to do.

Some decorations in there.  The table was my great-grandma's.  My Dad refinished it and it is beautiful.  This picture doesn't give it justice.  We also have a leaf for it, with it in it fits in the entire space.  The chairs are temporary, we are looking for something stained espresso (or to be stained) but we need narrow chairs since we are limited with space.  The shelf is also another one of my Dads creations.

Back Patio
So now you have seen our house and can follow us as we make it more of our own.  In a dream world it would have hardwood floors.  I am having the hardest time adjusting to these white carpets.  I grew up with wood floors and boy are carpets a lot of work!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pieces of Reese

A week after I married Batman, the silence in our house ended forever...we had a puppy!

I was hunting and hunting.  Did I mention I was hunting? I knew exactly what I wanted.  My childhood dogs were both rescues and that was my number 1 requirement for our pending puppy.  We were so lucky with the amazing dogs we rescued that I knew I had to rescue my own.

Sophi: My 2nd childhood dog
I couldn't leave out my Sophi dog.  She is the main reason I was in a rush to adopt.  I missed her so much when I moved out that I needed a dog of my own.  Unfortunately, all pictures of Corky (my first dog) were before digital cameras were a common household product.  That makes me sound old but in my days, high school students didn't have their own laptop and camera (not in my circle of friends anyway).  Corky was still one of my loves though...I still miss her.

Batman had two beagles as a child and was pretty partial to them.  We hadn't zoned in on a specific breed but we had some preferences.  I was leaning towards the lab side for my dog type.  This might sound really picky but I really wanted a short-haired dog.  The thought of my dog getting her hair did lost its appeal when my brain did the math of how much it is to have a dog in the first place.  We didn't want too big of a dog (we live in a townhouse and wanted to start out medium).  I looked on the internet and found a rescue company that I really liked.  They had several puppies in need of a home and I found a litter that looked exactly like what we wanted!

I convinced Batman to take an hour long road trip to meet the puppies.  He finally agreed but said we were just going to "look."  Silly boy..he should have known better!

We got there and fell in love with this little puppy
9 weeks old- Adoption Day
Talk about a chunky monkey right?!? When rescuing you never really know what you're getting but they said she was a beagle lab mix.  We say...she's a keeper!

4 months
Its hard to believe our little bat-dog has gotten so big in the past few months!

Her name? Reese! She's just the right color and happens to be my favorite candy!  She was almost named Rogue but surprisingly many people didn't know that X-Men character.  I liked Rogue because Roguey-Perogie would have been a pretty fun nickname.

Batman has never had a puppy before so boy was he in for a treat.  Training a puppy is a lot of work but she's finally getting there.  My girl can give high fives and she's just 5 months!

I could go on and on about this little nugget but I'll save it for another time.

So, what do you guys think she is? Those ears scream beagle right?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

About Me

Ok, ok..I'm not really batman's wife but sometimes it feels like it! I'm married to a HUGE comic book movie fan.  I knew he was a nerd way before I married him but I was in for the real shocker when we moved into our house this past February.  I'm now the proud co-owner of boxes of comics. Huge boxes.  Boxes I can't even pick up! Oh well..its not too could be worse right? I could have uncovered something really freaky, like if he collected mangled doll heads or something...not that thats bad or anything.

Anyway...who am I right? I'm a newly married girl, living in a newly purchased house, with a new puppy.  Just like everyone else out there, I'm trying the whole DIY aspect to living.  Me in a nutshell? I went to school for art (kinda but basically the same thing).  This makes me want to get extra creative and even convince Batman to paint a room!

Before being a home owner I would quickly duck out of the room when helping around the house was mentioned.  My Dad was a construction guy so I grew up with sawhorses and sawdust in my yard/house.  Now that I have a house, and Pinterest, I just want to do so much!

I might as well mention that my mom spoiled me with great cooking growing up.  In the cooking department it has been a struggle but I'm actually pretty good! I just tooted my own horn.  I really just like sweets though.  Offer me a cheesecake and a cheesesteak at the same time and the cheesecake would win.  Baking is more of an interest than dinner...the hubby hasn't complained yet.

Here's to my secret life as Batman's Wife!

And there's my puppy! More to come on her later...